InsightBB will cease offering services December 15. Please contact us for more information.

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Insight developer plans offer affordable hosting and tools to manage your own hosting business.

  • Complete customer management and billing system
  • 10, 20, and 33 domain packages with:
  • Professional email accounts with 250 MB storage each
  • Do-it-yourself site design and maintenance tools
  • Advanced designer templates editable with popular design software (click here to view templates)
  • Website security tools
  • Support for Advanced and highly customized websites
  • And more. view chart below.
  Up to 10 websites Up to 20 websites Up to 33 websites
Retail Monthly $79.99
Retail Yearly $879.89
Set-up Fee Free Free Free
Shared Web Storage 3GB 6GB 9.9GB
250MB Mailboxes 188 375 620
Transfer Limit 360 GB 720 GB 1176 GB
* Please call Sales for plans exceeding 33 domains.


Learn more about our DIY design tool.



Starting from just $49/mo for 12 mos. Learn more.



  • 2GB mail storage
  • Multi-device synchronization
  • Group collaboration tools